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Utah Dentist Professional Liability Insurance
Utah Dental malpractice insurance

Shield your dental practice from costly lawsuits.

Claims are on the rise.  As a dental practitioner in Utah, your hard-earned dental practice represents years of dedication and effort. Lawsuits can arise unexpectedly, posing financial and reputational damage to your business. By obtaining appropriate insurance coverage specifically designed for dental professionals, you can protect your assets and ensure the continuity of your business. 

This coverage not only acts as a shield against potential legal risks from employee injuries but also serves as a safeguard for your family, protecting them from the harmful aftermath of financial loss. By securing the appropriate insurance, dentists in Utah can focus on their patients. PIE, Utah’s premier Professional Liability Insurance Company was started by dentists for dentists in 1978, our sole purpose is to help  our insured protect their business and family in the event of a claim.

Affordable Malpractice Insurance at a fraction of the cost.

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Reviewing your own coverage after underwriting to optimize, protect and secure your journey to success. We empower you to make the best decisions for your practice.

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Efficiently navigate the claims process with our expert team. We’ll stand by your side, ensuring effective management and resolution of any challenges that arise.

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Dentists owned, and managed since 1978.We are dedicated to empowering Utah dentists with reliable insurance solutions, tailored to their unique needs. By offering comprehensive coverage and personalized support, we ensure peace of mind and financial security for dental practices. Through our commitment to exceptional service and innovation, we strive to be the trusted insurance partner that dentists can rely on for long-term success in providing essential oral care to the community.

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We recognize your dedication to providing the best possible care for your patients and protecting the smiles you create every day. By securing professional liability insurance, you can face the future with confidence knowing you’ve safeguarded your dreams, hard work and the livelihood of your practice, and family.

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