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You provide exceptional care for your patients, but who watches out for you?

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Disability insurance for You and Your Employees.

Disability insurance is a crucial form of protection that provides financial support to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability or illness. It offers a source of replacement income during the period of disability, assuring your employees they will be able to meet their financial obligations and maintain their quality of life. Offering disability insurance as a part of their benefits package shows your commitment to your employees’ well-being and financial stability. Show your team you care and lead them fearlessly toward success.

We’ve partnered with Richard Eberting to offer you the most valuable opportunity for Disability Insurance. We will happily refer you to his care to protect your team from any unexpected disability and to ensure your peace of mind. Take control of your future and secure the protection you and your team deserve.

No One Can Predict a Tragic Event

In the event of a disability, the absence of insurance can result in significant financial hardships, impacting not only your own well-being but that of your family and employees. Don't let the lack of disability insurance be your downfall.

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PIE has partnered with Eberting Associates to provide disability coverage to dentists and their staff.

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